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Welcome to Hope Academy!


Hope Academy

Welcome to a new school year, 2018-2019, at Hope Academy. It is our mission as a school to provide you the quality education your child or children so deserve. Hope Academy is a representation of how schooling should be. I am a firm believer in the old methods of educating a child, where we instill strong values, high moral standards and principles. When we master good discipline and order, quality education will follow.

We diligently pursue a phonics based and hands on curriculum. I believe that this is more rewarding and gratifying for children discovering new information and solving problems for themselves. To the students, a realm of new information is available for you to discover.

We are blessed to have a trained and dedicated faculty here to guide and encourage you. In the end, however; the learning accomplished is entirely up to you.

Welcome to Hope Academy. I am looking forward to another exciting and rewarding experience for the teachers and students.

Yours in Education,

Cecil Persaud


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